About Me

Hi, there! I’m Dennis Wang :). I created this webpage when I was in school, cause I realized that a person would earn more knowledge when sharing thoughts and skills to others. The another strong reason is, showing cases and projects related to games and data analysis.

My story:

The story started at an early afternoon in 2016. I received an invitation to a workshop called “Hero of the Storms Data Analysis” organized by Blizzard Entertainment. The subject is sharing how data analysts optimizing games’ operation by utilizing data. At that time, I was determined to devoted my life to gaming data analysis.

Having been a student of Business Management in New York University , I was shocked and fascinated by the power of data science in transforming business’s problem to technology issues.

I started to train myself to deploy flexible code in large-scale distributed data processing systems. By quickly understanding decision-makers’ rules, I turn statistical inferences and predictive models into actionable insights.

In another side, I seized every single chances to interview games companies in China, including Tencent Global Operation Talent, Kingsoft Season Studio, NetEase. Sacrificing space time to play Korean and Japanese mobile games, reading books of data analyst who worked for Shanda, Season Studio, to know how operation specialist made game better.

Currently I’m proud of myself, working for the greatest gaming company in China, as a data analyst in advertising group.

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams” _ Eleanor Roosevelt

Tech stack: Python, R, SQL, Spark, Tableau